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4 September, 2017

Slow cooked meat

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When we were on holiday in America recently, we went to Nashville and ate in a restaurant called Mission BBQ. The concept was fairly simple, you simply chose from a menu of different meats, all had been slow cooked and smoked for hours.  They were served on a tray with a piece of cornbread and a couple of sides of your own choosing. (My favourite were the fries and coleslaw). You took this to your table where there was a selection of sauces all designed to compliment the meats in different ways, such as honey smoked, barbecue, pepper sauce or sweet chilli. I can honestly say that despite visiting quite a number of great restaurants while we were on holiday, the flavours of this simple fare absolutely blew us away.

Since coming home we have experimented ourselves to try to recreate these marvellous tastes, using the Mission BBQ Menu for inspiration.

We have a Kamado Joe barbecue which is ideal for slow cooking and smoking meats and we decided to try three cuts of meat: beef brisket, pork shoulder and lamb shoulder.

We put these on the barbie in the morning along with some applewood chips dampened and wrapped in foil to give us the smokiness. They cooked all day, creating the most wonderful smell in the garden (and in most of the neighbourhood).

Result? Beautiful smoky slow cooked meat (and happy friends who came to share it with us!)

This was a fantastic way to barbecue for guests as it was easy to feed everyone with a minimum of fuss. We served with baked potatoes, green salad and a big bowl of coleslaw (plus a glass or two of fizz). Happy days.



2 thoughts on : Slow cooked meat

  • Sharon Chadwick
    September 4, 2017 at 3:03 pm

    You can almost smell that, looks absolutely yummy!

  • Julie Lemming
    September 4, 2017 at 3:06 pm

    Really love Pulled Pork, great in a Brioch bun with lashings of Jack Daniels BBQ source and some french fries!

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